Advantages and disadvantages of competition


What are the advantages and disadvantages of competition in the 21st century? Explain in a paragraph of at least 10 complex sentences why you chose this topic. First of all, 2020 is significantly different from previous years. The thematic competition in the 21st century has attracted my attention because I am an entrepreneur, and I always try to make new things competitive in 2020 and later. I believe that competition is also associated with challenges, and every entrepreneur should take this as a serious result, but not give up. Besides, it is also necessary to explore the advantages and disadvantages of the coming years.

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Thanks to the significant technology availability, it motivates you to work harder, setting goals more than the competition. Also, creating a game-like competition can be fun, especially when it comes to prizes. It makes the effortless complex and more enjoyable. To conclude, I believe that competition is a beautiful thing to focus on in our daily lives. Take only Bill Gates, he worked hard and solved many challenges during his life. After a decade, his company is still at the top of its competitors. Had it given up on its challenges or competition, Microsoft would not exist today.

Explain in a paragraph of at least 10 complex sentences why you think readers will be interested in this topic. I believe that people like me who are interested in technology and beyond will be interested in this topic and smart people who will take notes for their records. In every product, there is a niche to compete in the Internet or physical store. With that in mind, my research can blaspheme the things they always wanted. For example, if my research focuses on entrepreneurial competition and growth in 2020, I can attract many readers to read this topic. Also, readers can unlock even new ideas that are currently being traded on my topic. To attract more reader attention, I will include more details with advantages and disadvantages to clarify competition in the current market and future growth. Therefore, readers will focus on the main idea of ​​the topic, which I will present chronologically during the research work. It is my duty to draw the reader’s attention to define the competition theme in the 21st century. The reader will be excited about reading because I will publish future research that many people will benefit from my research.

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