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The Internet is used every day today, at almost every turn. Learning, working from home, streaming and gaming, consulting with various experts, controlling video surveillance cameras and similar jobs nowadays depend on the Internet more than ever.

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internet speed test

For all this to work properly, it is necessary to have a stable connection. In order to make everything as easy as possible, from learning, working to gaming, we need the fastest possible internet.
Checking your internet speed (speed test) has never been faster or easier. In thirty seconds you will get accurate and reliable information about how fast your internet is. With just two to three clicks check the upload and download speeds of your internet and WiFi connection. The information you send with this check is only your IP address and it is also protected by a privacy policy. Therefore, no other information about you as an Internet user will be used, and therefore not published, except the IP address. Everything is completely free, reliable, and safe for you and the device through which you test speeds. A number of factors affect the speed of your internet. In case you notice a slightly slower operation, ie the speed of the Internet, this test is a great way to check what it is about. You will get a clear insight into how fast your upload and download works.
Internet speed is very important to you for everything from work at home to gaming and streaming. Working from home is something that is becoming more prevalent. Video conferencing, VPN connections, downloading and sending large files and every other job-related task depends on the speed and stability of your internet. In addition to speeds, with this test, you can easily check Ping, which is very important for gamers. Low ping gaming is a guarantee of playing games without breaking and interruptions.
Let’s briefly explain what Download speed is, what Upload speed is, and what Ping is. Download speed tells us how long it takes to download some data from the server and store it, ie “download” it to your device. Upload speed tells us how fast information or a file travels from your computer or device you are using to a server. Ping measures the connection response speed. The lower the ping, the lower the latency, the faster and easier it will take place. Ping can be very important in applications where timing is crucial. Gamers, imagine playing Fornite with a bad Ping…
You can test the speed of the Internet on almost all devices with almost all operating systems. You can test speed on Windows or Mac computers, speed on iOS and Android devices, or Apple TV. The development of technology and thus the Internet enables huge, sometimes unimaginable speeds.
What is a good speed of, for example, 75 Mbps for?
Okay, test your internet speed and the download speed is 75 Mbps. How good is it and for what? With this speed, you can easily send e-mails, search social networks, make online purchases or stream a video, movie, or series. Example: Watching movies on Netflix requires 3 Mbps for SD recordings. If you want HD quality recordings you need 5 Mbps. 25Kps or Ultra HD requires 25 Mbps. In doing so, you must keep in mind that watching Netflix is ​​the only Item that consumes the internet at the moment! So having more devices on a WiFi network that are on apps that consume a lot of internet and 4K movies on Netflix at 75 Mbps is not a very good idea. You can do this on higher speed internet, for example, 250 Mbps.
What is a good speed of, for example, 250 Mbps for?
Download speed of 250 Mbps is good for everyone as of course any lower than it, but it brings additional benefits. With it, you can watch multiple 4K recordings at the same time or broadcast live in that resolution without any problems or difficulties.

Source: London Daily News

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