Viktor Bevanda Art – Original art print for sale

Viktor Bevanda - original art print for sale
original art for sale

His name is Victor Bevanda. He is only twelve years old and has already attracted the attention of a large number of people. Viktor is a real artist, in the full sense of the word. He is an autistic boy whom eminent experts are already comparing to Picasso and Van Gogh! Unfortunately, Viktor does not speak, but his works speak more than any words.

His popularity on social networks is growing day by day, and support for his work is coming from all over the world. He started showing the first signs of autism at the age of two. Shortly afterwards, he was diagnosed with autism. Around the age of five, his parents noticed Victor’s incredible talent for art.

Over the next few years, his technique developed on its own and he began to express himself through his paintings and the art he created. This dear boy is proof that autism is not an obstacle to creativity and creative creation. Viktor was born in Serbia and moved to the United States with his parents in 2018. He currently lives in Florida. His paintings are real art, and they are characterized by bright colours, improvisation, freedom of expression and great attention that is paid to every detail. This boy is self-taught, and the inspiration for his paintings comes from his heart and mind. It is a real pleasure to look at his paintings and admire a rarely seen talent.

Victor paints everything from Big Ben in London, various landscapes, flowers, butterflies, animals to cartoons and various cartoon heroes. Social networks are a way for you to follow the work of this boy. You can follow the new photos every day on Facebook, Instagram and tick-tock. Viktor Bevanda’s official profile is followed by over 43,000 people, while the numbers on the tick-tock are impressive.

The profile is followed by over one hundred thousand users, and the posts have been liked an incredible 2.8 million times! There are 239 posts on Instagram that you can enjoy, every day. The official profile on which posts are posted on Facebook, that is pictures that Viktor pictures are followed by close to 15,000 people. On each of these profiles, you can find contact information and ways you can buy one of the pictures of this dear boy. There are clear categories on the site where the photos of Viktor’s paintings are posted. There are photos of flowers, animals, landscapes, art for children, handmade greeting cards and mixed art.

There is also a Subscribe option on the site, through which you can receive the latest News related to Viktor’s art directly to your e-mail address. Victor’s mother helps him create the paintings. She finds photos on the internet that I transfer to paper. Sometimes his pictures look identical to the original photo because of his photographic memory. This boy, however, prefers to present these photos in his own way. Victor speaks in words. Instead of nouns and adjectives, his pictures are full of characters, animals and flowers that are presented in rich colours exactly as he imagined it. It is certain that his name and art will still be heard. The future is in front of this boy, and it is up to all of us to support him and enjoy the small masterpieces he creates.

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